Quick guide:

  1. Check to see if there is any bitcoin by pasting the address (long string beginning with "1") into the search bar at Blockonomics.co
  2. If you didn't receive a separate Blockonomics link from someone else and the address is empty, then you may ignore this redeem code
  3. If you were sent the redeem link (example below) by someone else in a separate email, text, or other form of communication, then visit that link to insert your redeem code and create what we call a Bitcoin private key. Instructions for using that private key is at the end of this article.

What is this? 

This is one half of two parts needed to claim bitcoin. You should have received the first part containing your redeem code in an email that looks a lot like the image above. You will need to combine this redeem code with a link to be sent separately before you can claim your bitcoin.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the world's first decentralized, electronic money. Basically this means you can send the bitcoin currency to anyone in the world, like email,

and receive bitcoin from anyone. There are no signups or permissions required. Just downloading a Bitcoin wallet app can get you started.

Does Bitcoin have any value?

Yes. As of August 2017 it has reached over 4,500 USD per whole bitcoin! See Preev.com or BitcoinAverage.com for the current market rate.

How do I use / sell the bitcoin I receive?

If you are successfully sent bitcoin you can use them directly with some merchants like Overstock.com, hold them, or sell them for local currency. You'll have to find a Bitcoin exchange in your area that you can sell bitcoin through. In the United States, for example, BitQuick.co is a relatively fast way to sell bitcoin.

How do I claim my bitcoin?

You will need both the redeem code from our email and a redemption link from the sender. The sender is given the redemption link to share with you once they are ready to send the payment. You cannot receive bitcoin without both parts. Do not consider yourself paid until you have both halves. 

A redemption link looks a lot like this:


Once you have the redemption link you can open it in a browser, view the available bitcoin (if any), and paste in your redeem code. This will provide you with the full Bitcoin private key.

What if I haven't been sent the redemption link? What if the address associated with my redeem code is empty?

Problems like these originate with the sender. Please contact the sender of the promised bitcoin (if you know who they are) and request that they finish the process. Only the sender can give you bitcoin and only they can share the redemption link. Blockonomics is just the provider the technical platform they are using to send you both halves of a private key (ultimately: bitcoin).

I have the private key. What do I do now?

You can use most wallet software to "sweep" or import that private key into your digital wallet and take full possession of those bitcoin. If you don't have a Bitcoin wallet, I would recommend Airbitz or Copay on mobile and Exodus or Blockchain.info on desktop. For Airbitz, make sure you write down the username and password you used to create the wallet upon installation and store it securely. That will be the backup in case something happens to your phone. For Copay, Exodus, or Blockchain.info, write down the 12 word seed and do the same.

Once you have downloaded and setup your wallet, press the Send button on mobile to open your camera and scan the private key QR code. In Exodus, paste the private key string into the wallet using these instructions. For Blockchain.info, watch our redemption video: