You can integrate several websites using the same account! You will need a separate xpub (extended public key) for each website. Please follow the below procedure

  1.  Add a new xpub for each new website

    Go to Wallet Watcher > Address Watcher. Click New Address to paste in your new xpub, then click Add.

    Need help finding your wallet xpub? Click the question mark for a list of instructions for the most common wallets.

  2. Set callbacks for each of the websites
    You can go to Merchants > Settings and assign a callback URL for each xpub in your Wallet Watcher account. Just select each one from the dropdown box.

    Setting callbacks for different xpubs

How to get multiple xpub's from same wallet?

Many wallet apps you can create multiple wallets within the same app or account, each offering their own xpub. Airbitz and Copay are two wallet apps that can do this easily on mobile devices (Copay also on desktop). You can install these alongside your existing wallet app if needed.

I am getting this message: Your xpubs are pointing to existing websites. You need to add a new xpub to your wallet watcher for payment buttons. What do I do?

Payment buttons require their own callback URL and dedicated xpub. Please do either one of the below:

Set your callback URL to empty, Save Settings and Generate the button again


You will need to add a new xpub to your Wallet Watcher account (see below), then come back to Merchants > Payment Buttons and try to generate your button again.