This article explains how to use ledger bitcoin wallet with Blockonomics

Ledger Legacy Mode (In Chrome App)

If you are using ledger in legacy mode inside chrome app. Follow the below instructions to find your xpub:

1. Account->Account Settings->Extended public key

2. You can use the above exported xpub directly in blockonomics 

Ledger Live / Ledger in Segwit mode

If you are using ledger live, follow the below instructions to find your xpub:

1. Account (Settings icon) > Advanced Logs

2. Warning: Don't directly use the xpub from Step 1 into blockonomics. This use because ledger segwit xpubs are using wrong prefix (More technical details here). Go ahead to this conversion utlity to convert your xpub to Blockonomics supported format. You should now get an xpub starting with ypub

3. Verify this ypub by searching it on Make sure that balance is matching and atleast one of the addresses generated are matching as shown in your ledger wallet.

Verifying ypub in

4. You can now use the ypub from Step 3 in Blockonomics !

If you facing any issue feel free to join our telegram group and our engineering team would be happy to personally help you out