This article explains on how to configure your direct to wallet merchant service to use the xpub provided by our payment forwarding service. 

If you are using blockonomics merchant service on your webshop, follow instructions listed under 

Blockonomics Merchant

If you are using BTCPay on your webshop, follow instructions listed under


Blockonomics Merchants

1. Copy The Provided xpub from payment forwarding service

2. Replace xpub

Delete existing xpub from Wallet Watcher > Address Watcher and add the above xpub.

3. Set The Callback URL again

Goto Merchant > Settings and then set your callback URL again. You can get your callback URL from Blockonomics settings in your webshop.


1. Copy the Provided xpub from payment forwarding service.

2. Modify Derivation Scheme

Goto Stores > Settings > General Settings > Derivation Scheme BTC (Modify)

In the derivation scheme paste the xpub from above

3. Confirm and Provide Hint Address
Press Continue and then provide Hint Address, to get the Hint Address goto and search the above xpub. Press confirm after Confirming Hint Address.

4. Confirm The Address Found screen

You should see similar screen as below, scroll below and click on Confirm.


5. All Done !

Make sure you see the below image to confirm that the process is complete!