Find out how to correctly link your Edge bitcoin wallet with Blockonomics.

Locating your Extended Public Key

If you are using the Edge wallet app on Android or iOS, the following instructions will help you find your XPub key linked to your bitcoin wallet. Please follow the following instructions to find your XPub:

Open the bitcoin Wallet Settings

Select View XPub Address

Copy the XPub Address

Convert your XPub

Warning: Don't directly use the xpub from the above steps with Blockonomics. This is because the Edge wallet app's segwit extended public keys use the wrong prefix. For more information regarding this issue visit here for details

Go ahead to this conversion utility to convert your xpub to the Blockonomics supported format. You should now get an extended public key starting with ypub.

Verify your new YPub

Verify this ypub, by searching it on the Blockonomics homepage. Make sure that the balance is matching and at least one of the addresses generated matches the receiving addresses displayed in your Edge app.

Verifying ypub in

You can now use the new ypub in Blockonomics!