If you want to link your Edge Bitcoin wallet with Blockonomics to start accepting BTC payments, here's a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

  1. Download the app and set up an account: First, make sure your wallet is set up. You can use the Edge wallet app on Android or iOS.

  2. Locate your extended public key: From your home page, go to Assets > BTC wallet > Settings as shown in the images below.

  3. Select View xPub Address: Click on this option to view and copy your xPub key. Below you'll see two options, for SegWit and no SegWit wallets. In this case, we're using the zPub key. 
  4. Find your public address: Simply go to Deposit > select your BTC wallet > Copy. Save it for later.

  5. Head over to the Blockonomics website: On our Merchants Page, select Stores from the side menu, then Add a new store.

  6. Add in your wallet information: Paste in your xPub key, add a tag name to label this wallet and a sample receiving address from Edge. Click on Save Changes when you're finished.

  7. Set up your API Key: Once you have added the xPub, copy the generated API key and paste it to your online store. You'll be ready to accept Bitcoin payments on your e-commerce!

Learn how to set up your API key on different platforms through our YouTube tutorials.