This article gives an overview on how Blockonomics can help you convert received bitcoins payments to fiat currency. Broadly we have two options available:

Instant conversion to Fiat 

 This is done with the help our fiat partner Uphold Wallet. Blockonomics sends your received BTC payments automatically to your uphold wallet which is then instantly exchanged to fiat. Uphold provides various options to convert BTC to fiat:

  1. Convert to actual fiat USD/EUR etc (Requires KYC): Various methods of bank transfer are available including US bank / SEPA. More detailed information, please refer to this article
  2. Convert to USD value/Stablecoin (No KYC): You can convert received funds to USD value and hold the USD value. This is to protect against BTC volatility. Later you can withdraw the USD value again in BTC / any other cryptocurrency without every using a bank account. For a full list of currencies support, please consult  this page

Forward to your BTC Exchange

Blockonomics can automatically send to your chosen bitcoin exchange like Poloniex, Binance, GDAX etc. You just need to specify the exchange deposit address. Please note that you need to manually trigger sell on the exchange. Blockonomics will just periodically send funds to your exchange deposit address. To automate sell, you can monitor your exchange address and trigger sell using the exchange API


How to Get Started

To configure fiat conversion please visit our

Payment Forwarding Service

Fiat conversion configured to convert to EUR

Destination xpub - Fiat Conversion / Direct to Wallet 

Please note that the destination of the funds depends on the xpub /account you have configured in your merchants page. 

  • To convert to fiat use the xpub provided by payment forwarding service
  • To send BTC directly to your wallet use the xpub provided by your wallet