What is Blockonomics Merchants?

Blockonomics allows eCommerce merchants such as yourself to accept bitcoin payments on your website. Payments go directly into your bitcoin wallet. 

What products/services are available?

Blockonomics Merchants offer two broad product types:

  1. Plugins/API: Plugin integrations are available for WordPress, WHMCS, PrestaShop, OpenCart, Easy Digital Downloads.
  2. Payment Button/Links[URL]: Unique product links/buttons that can be easily shared or embedded on websites. Great for donations, single products, small shops. 

How to get started?

You need an HD bitcoin wallet, for example, blockchain.com, electrum, trezor, and ledger. 

  • Go to Blockonomics Merchants and create an account by clicking on 'Get Started For Free'.
  • Setup and install the desired eCommerce integrations/payments API 
  • After this can you receive bitcoin payments on your website

What documentation is required?

Blockonomics doesn't require any documentation / KYC. You only need an email address to start using Blockonomics

What countries/businesses are restricted?

We currently don't have any restrictions. Blockonomics is permissionless, so anyone in the world can use Blockonomics to sell products for bitcoin

What is the minimum/maximum amount of BTC that can be received?

There is no minimum/maximum limit. 

What do I put in the callback URL?

  • If you are using our plugin on an e-commerce platform like WordPress, WHMCS, etc, the plugin will automatically generate the callback for you. 
  • For payment buttons/URL keep the callback URL empty
  • If you are using a custom website, enter your callback endpoint like https://mybtcshop.callback.php?secret=yoursecret

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