Are you getting "Unable to generate new address" error on checkout  or "error on Test Setup" on your E-Commerce store? Depending on the error that is showing, you may need to take one of the following actions: 

1.Error: "API Key is incorrect":  Make sure you have setup your API key correctly and that this field is not empty. Your APIKey is available on the Merchants Page. 

2. Error: "Please add a new store on blockonomics website: Blockonomics needs you to have a store with valid destination wallet xpub. You can visit Merchants - BTC to for BTC payments and  Merchants - BCH for BCH payments. To see how to get xpub of your wallet, you can consult this video 


3. Error: "Your merchant account is disabled due to low balance": You can re-enable the account by sending Bitcoin (BTC) to the deposit address on the Payment Fee Page

4. Error: "Unable to locate/execute <your site> testsetup.php. Check your WHMCS System URL ":  Your WHMCS system URL path/domain is wrong, for example instead of using , you have specified . Thus Blockonomics is unable to locate the files

5. Error: "Please pay pending fee on existing blockonomics accounts. Avoid creating duplicate accounts ":  This means you already email account on blockonomics for this store/website that has pending fee. You can pay the pending fee via our merchants page. Avoid creating multiple blockonomics accounts for the same