The Blockonomics plugin will automatically update the order status when a bitcoin payment sent by your customer is confirmed. This works in all our ecommerce plugins. This article addresses how to troubleshoot the issue if this is not happening for you


To confirm the issue please check Merchant > Logs. If the callbacks are green with status 200, then everything is ok. If the status is in red, then that means you have this issue and  we cannot cannot send callbacks to your server. 


Please check if you any of the following apply to you. 

  1. You are using localhost or unreachable test server:  We cannot send callbacks to your localhost server. This is expected behaviour and is OK.
  2. You are getting SSLError in Merchants > Logs: If you site doesn't have an SSL certificate change the callback URL to start with http:// . If you site is SSL enabled, check validity of your SSL certificate. We don't support self signed certificates. If your site is shown SSL validated in browser, make sure intermediate certificates are not missing (This is because we use curl for callbacks) You can diagnose by testing your site on
  3. You have DDOS protection:  You need to identify the DDoS mechanism and do the following
    You can exclude /wc-api/WC_Gateway_Blockonomics or similar callback pattern as shown in this article . 

    Whitelist [] and []
  4. After bypassing the DDOS protection, try to generate multiple test callbacks (Using Merchant > Logs) within a minute / less period and make sure if you get 200 status
  5. You have a programmed/custom API endpoint Make sure  the callback endpoint has no errors and returns clean with 200 HTTP status.