What is Instant Search functionality about?

Instant Search shows you balance and transaction history of bitcoin address. The results are displayed on the fly as the user keys in the address.

How to quickly monitor my address /tx?

Search the address(es) you want to monitor and then click Monitor button. You will receive a push notification when confirmed tx occurs on this address. This feature works only on Chrome 42+. Push notifications work even when you are not actively browsing the website. Also to avoid spam, it sends out only one notification irrespective of number of transactions. For repeated notifications you can click on monitor again or use Wallet Watcher.

What does pending transactions mean on search page?

The pending transactions on the search page show the unconfirmed (zero confirmations) and partially confirmed (one confirmation) happening on the address.

Once the transaction gets two confirmations on blockchain, it will be moved to transaction history tab.

How to search wallet/multiple addresses

The search feature allows you to key in multiple addresses at a time and check the aggregate transaction history, balance of all the addresses in a single go. Multiple addresses can be keyed in separated by comma, space or newline.

How to search HD wallet?

Using extended public key you can view all balances/transactions of your HD wallet. Extended public key starts with 'xpub' and is used to derive all bitcoin addresses in your wallet. Follow given instructions to locate extended public key for your wallet:

  • Electrum 3.x: Wallet > Information
  • Mycelium: Accounts > Select account > Select Export from Menu > Show Public
  • myTREZOR: Basic settings > Show XPUBs
  • Blockchain.com: Settings > Wallets & Addresses > Manage > More Options > Show xPub
  • Copay.io: Settings > Advanced > Wallet Information > EXTENDED PUBLIC KEYS
  • Ledger: Follow instructions in this article
  • Airbitz: Transactions screen > 3 dots > Export > Wallet Public Seed (XPub) > View or Save
  • Bitcoin Wallet (Android): 3 dots > Settings > Diagnostics > Show xpub > Share to clipboard, email
  • Exodus Wallet: Developer > Assets > Bitcoin > Export XPub (It exports two xpubs - only use the first one)
  • Edge App (Android and iOS): Follow instructions in this article

What are some examples of search?

Wallet/Multiple address search

1Bw1J2b4KF2b9KrQFWzk5Qu8DCf4jWMEBi 1Bw1rHnZDLqeEdvj1XBkuA7Ls9JgLn3uCN 1dice8EMZmqKvrGE4Qc9bUFf9PX3xaYDp, 1LuckyG4tMMZf64j6ea7JhCz7sDpk6vdcS, 1NFyuQ5MZZBWmLJ6FwgmtVv1cSyhiekG9q

HD wallet search


Multiple HD wallet search xpub6BfKpqjTwvH21wJGWEfxLppb8sU7C6FJge2kWb9315oP4ZVqCXG29cdUtkyu7YQhHyfA5nt63nzcNZHYmqXYHDxYo8mm1Xq1dAC7YtodwUR xpub661MyMwAqRbcGJRSqFchVsmi1RvxEb546fePRgitBdSxrxgbw9uJCkUoXWmmVmsK3oYh5mMKSqd7TZ69jKf5DeCvWYyDfpn2Yp4ubeRkUph