Here are all the Blockonomics Error Codes with solutions to resolve each issue.

1000: Captcha failed 

Try using another browser or incognito mode. If you are using a VPN try without VPN enabled or changing server. 

1001: This requires you to add an xPub to your wallet watcher

1002: You have multiple xPubs in your wallet watcher

To set up multiple websites follow the instructions in this article.

1003: Could not find a matching xPub

From Merchants, check your xPub and Callback URL are set up correctly. Click on Generate Button from the Merchants' tab > Payment Buttons/Widgets.

1004: You are banned from using Blockonomics. Please contact support for clarification

Contact support for clarification.

1005: Your merchant account is disabled due to low balance

To view your balance and add credit to your account visit the Blockonomics Payment Fee page. Your account will be automatically activated when the outstanding balance has been paid.

1006: Gap limit exceeded

Most of the time this is a temporary error and you can ignore. Visit this article if you are still facing issues


1007: Cannot fill gap limit for guest user. Please use a real emailid

Sign up for Blockonomics using your own email address.

1008: Gap Limit Error: You are creating too many addresses/orders with no real payments

Consult this article

1009: Gap Limit Error: Unavailable gap limit funds

Consult this article

1010: Invalid API parameter

One of the API parameters is invalid. See complete error message from server to identify for fix

1011: Please pay pending fee on existing blockonomics accounts. Avoid creating duplicate accounts

Use fee tab to pay pending fee. Avoid creating multiple accounts for same website/domain

1012 - 1013: Internal Errors

1014: Couldn't find addr in Xpub

This means destination address hasn't been registered as part of the store/account  you are testing. Do a checkout on your store to get a correct destination address

If you are having trouble resolving any of these issues, feel free to contact our technical support for assistance.